Thursday, 29 March 2012

Meat Kobe

The big lummox has survived his first 24 hours, first kick from mum that sent him sprawling across the floor (but being a brave lad he got up and came back for more) and his first frost. Morning saw us geared up for a bovine bondage session to ensure Hetty stood still long enough for junior to get breakfast. As it was his first moo opened Hetty's motherly floodgate and she has fed, cleaned, stood over her charge and all is well in our world.

Junior now has a fitting name, we asked, we received, thanks Kit, the big lad is called Kobe, for obvious reasons!

Day29 30 30 lvl 10 outdoor training 11.2km (One way ticket to hell and back, The Darkness)

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dimensionjumper said...

Your welcome, I hope he will turn out to be a good calf and a good meal in a year or so.