Thursday, 22 March 2012

Its starting

Its been a gloriously sunny day again, work got in the way of some of it but I did manage a quick (my quick) circuit of the Bonsai Mountain in daylight. Visits out to the realm of Red Kite meant that the evening routine was done in the dark but as the clocks go forward this weekend this might be the last time. Mind you milking goats at half ten is probably always going to be in the dark unless we move to Scotland.
So in the glow cast by the anti aircraft light Hetty was moved from the med bay to the front stable that was housing the three massive little pigs, they are now in the med bay. Both species are awaiting life changing events. Piggle looks like she is about to burst but has remained intact. Hetty has started producing milk, so the next 24 hours may mean new life arrives naturally or via the skill of a very busy vet. New life has arrived today, one of the giant quails eggs has hatched, others are making promising noises.

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