Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lifes a beach

If there was a genie in the lamp the one wish I would really want granted is that Rock HQ would have a coast, and that would mean sea, and seafood. The fresh sort, the walk down to beach and forage/catch sort. Still, cant have everything and plans are afoot to go on an exped in the furthest westerly region of the Red Kite empire with an expert fisher type. Meantime at least we have a replica beach for the apprentice smallholder to play in.
So while one of us busts a gut on the exercise bike doing the 30 30 challenge, one of us gets to play and eat sand.

Life's a beach!

Day 21 30 30 lvl 12 outdoor training 12.6 km (S and M, Metallica Disc 2)

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