Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It all happens here

While some urgent repairs were being done to the roof of Rock HQ to make it a bit more weather proof or rather water proof Iggle really did look like she would beat Hetty to it in the birth race

After a night of us hanging over the stable door and bleary eyed three hourly checks all Hetty had managed was a monster number two which she took care of for a few hours.

Then, taking a leaf out of Iggles book she threw herself down and pretended to sleep. As today was D-Day (Delivery Day) the vets were called and within 10 minutes the stable was transformed into an operating theatre. The two builders, both called Steve, but that was confusing so we called one Colin, found their escape route was blocked by several cars and so they were press ganged into being theatre staff, Colin helping me at the business end while Steve held onto the rope holding Hetty's head around the corner and out of sight of the bloodfest indoors.

The vet proved to be camera shy but once she was up to her elbows in bovine innards managed to be snapped plucking a hoof from the visceral debris

and soon our long awaited and very expensive calf was spluttering to life on the straw. The only beef that is more expensive is that Japanese stuff.

Quicker than the vet could sew up its mother the monster calf was upright and searching for food which it failed to find in Colin's crotch but it gave us all a giggle while the vet ( a really nice lady called Caroline) re plumbed Hetty.

Finally stitched back together (and cow hide is really tough so the needle work took a while) Hetty was released from her tethers and clumsily struggled to her feet and junior took its first feed. At this point in time BST Midnight junior is alive and mother is kicking every time he tries to feed. We are hoping this settles down but if she continues I shall break out the body armour (last used to milk the Old English Goats) and get him his breakfast lunch and dinner by hand.

Thanks to all those who made today such an interesting and joyful event. A name will be chosen for junior once we have thought of a good one. Suggestions please.

Day 28 30 30 lvl 12 hill 13.2 km (2112, Rush)


dimensionjumper said...

Well if he is more expensive than Japanese beef, you might as well name him for it. So I suggest Kobe.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you should get away from pet names and call him Topside, or Sirloin.

Hope all is well.


dimensionjumper said...

Yes a heifer you could find a home for easily, even if she is only half dexter. But a mutt bull calf, that's only dinner.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the safe arrival of mother and calf! Dexter is good eating.