Friday, 2 March 2012

A kick inside

Look closely, once you get over the dogs panting, the shaky camera angle and recognise the cow breathing, towards the end there is a definite kick from the soon to be with us calf. Preparations are underway, some new metalwork is going to be fitted in the stable this weekend, rings either end so if necessary Hetty's front can be attached to the wall while a rope and pulley will drag the calf out. This is presuming she needs help, she may just dump it on the straw, or she may need a c section. Our favourite vet called this evening to give us the low down on what to look out for and briefed us at which point to call him. Fingers crossed, its not long now!

BBMC training up and over the Bonsai Mountain

Day 2 30 30 Hill lvl 14 12.2km (Alternative 80's mix)

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed it all goes well and you have a healthy cow and calf at the end.