Saturday, 10 March 2012

Morning all!

I was roused to consciousness by a well placed elbow this morning, could I hear that was the enquiry from my beautiful and oh so patient wife, well as I was presumably snoring seconds before then the honest answer was no. I settled back to sleep, the alarm clock clearly not ready to go off, a few insomniac sparrows were spluttering to life but those apart from the elbows owner and me all was quiet at HQ.
Bang bang bang bang.
"There, (jab) did you hear that?!
"Burglars probably, trying to get away"
Bang bang bang bang bang bang.
"Or Zombies trying to get in." I looked at the half light of the curtains, morning was breaking, it didn't usually make this sound. It was the weekend, my one chance for a lie in. An extra hour in bed before confronting the mayhem. Tomorrow was going to be an early start as I had arranged a BBMC practice hike.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
Whatever it was it wasn't giving in. I was. I pulled the duvet over my head, the Zombies could wait.
Tracey on the other hand couldn't.
Next thing I knew an excited Tracey was asking if I wanted to come and see the new arrival, Daffodil had given birth.
5 seconds later we were all gathered around the stable door oohing and aahhing over Mindy and her lovely girl lamb. Daffodil was unceremoniously dumped on her rear and Mindy attached to her teat to make sure she had the vital colostrum milk. Minutes later Mindy was stood having breakfast unaided.
The cause of the bang bang bang?
That was Daffodil headbutting the stable door to get attention, or break the door down.
Reason being is that there is a small hole in the stable door, pig snout shaped and size. Now I had looked at it when we put Daffodil the other side and pondered the need to get the hammer, nails and wood to effect a temporary repair, but as I had trekked halfway across the continent to get Daffodil back from the mountain in the dark late at night I was in no mood to risk personal injury from DIY. The chances of her giving birth and the lamb being stupid enough to squeeze through the hole just after being born rather than snuggling up to mum and having a leisurely breakfast was, in my view, remote.
Then Mindy arrived and proved me entirely wrong. Hence the bang bang bang.

Day 10 30 30 lvl 14 outdoor training 12.1 km (Elements, Mike Oldfield)

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