Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not as planned

Not everyday at Rock HQ goes as planned. Today for example I planned an early start and when I woke up the second time somehow two hours had passed from the alarm going off and that set the tone for the day.
Major task of the day was to lay a concrete pad for the aviary, for some reason since moving to this green and pleasant land I am possessed with a desire to concrete great swathes of it. This was supposed to have been done by around mid afternoon. By mid afternoon none had been done due a combination of me getting distracted by a full cooked English, then baking some cakes (its three of our dogs third birthday) turning the horses out onto Oak Bank and the field yonder, refereeing a fight between the horses, fetching a horse shoe from the fence after owne of shoe got caught showing off, cutting the toe nails of the agoraphobic goat (coaxing same goat out into the sunshine took almost as long) replacing and repairing the pipework to the pig pen as some naughty Berkshires chewed the pipe, refilling water tanks thanks to massive leak caused by holes in pipe, issuing life jackets to Mangalitza pigs flooded by burst pipe (ever get the feeling the Berkshires did this on purpose?) so by 2pm the site pegged out for the aviary was the only sign of progress and once various bits of scrap metal and a broken toilet had been placed where concrete was about to be laid I assembled George, threw the switch and shovelled.

At this point I checked Hetty who was lying on her side puffing and panting in the centre of a massive nest she had just built, bound to be giving birth, I mean its not as if I was busy or anything.

George was deactivated, the mix used to fill a supermassive blackhole of a pot hole in the drive, and I got the hot water and towels and waited. By 4pm I decided I did have time to go and buy some essential feed supplies from the farmers supermarket and get them to swap my wellies with holes in the sole for a better version. This was prevented by the Technohermit arriving and wanting to chat.

11.15 pm End of play, no calf and no concrete. Not the most productive of days but a lovely sunny one. Tomorrow should go as planned. Or not.

Day 24 30 30 lvl 12 hill climb 12.4 km (Live at the Budokan, Cheap Trick)


Andy in Germany said...

I have days like that without help from any livestock or dogs...

Jeremy Fisher said...

"then baking some cakes (its three of our dogs third birthday)"
And tomorrow it will be a cake to celebrate birth of a Quail / piglet / calf / tadpole / mayfly......
There's only going to be one ending the way you're going sunshine and it ain't gonna be pretty!!