Friday, 23 March 2012

Score so far

Quail 3

Hetty 0

Piggle 0

Quail equals a one in eight hatch rate which isn't very high, we had hoped 1 in 4. Hetty is leaking milk everywhere, as in all over the floor not out of her ears, so calf must be imminent. Piggle looks like she will explode but is hanging on, pretty certain she is pregnant but it could all be a ruse to get softer beds, extra feed and lots of ear scratching.

Missed yesterdays listing of the 30 30 so day 22 30 30 lvl 14 hill 13.6 km (Fear of a blank planet, Porcupine Tree)

Day 23 30 30 lvl 12 hill 12.5 km (Best of OMD, OMD)

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