Monday, 5 March 2012

Grazing rights

We as commoners have grazing rights, meaning we are allowed to have a number of units (animals) on the common land, grazing what passes as grass in these parts.

Not sure it extends to neighbours gardens though!

In all the mayhem of yesterday I omitted to report the sad death of Sybil our oldest pet. This ancient lagomorph, in her eighth year passed away in a manner befitting a loved pet, quietly in her sleep. Bless.

Today I have been from one end of the Red Kite empire to the the other, or rather from bottom to top, Vic and I covered over 220 miles there and back again, a very productive day. We have a new visitor to Rock HQ, Roxy an adorable mastiff cross rottweiller cross bath sponge. Soppy as anything and totally bewildered by anything with hooves. Shes met the clan and survived the welcome so she should survive her stay only emotionally scarred from her encounter with the pocket rocket.

Day 5 30 30 lvl 14 outdoor training 13km (Generation Terrorists, Manic Street Preachers)

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