Saturday, 3 March 2012

Its a dirty job

Our Mangalitza Boar, Thor, has been causing problems today, over and above the ones he usually causes that is. The horse bothering confused porker has been in solitary confinement with a selection of back issues of Practical Pig Keeping is an effort to cure him of his horse fixation and get him interested in making bacon.

As he can climb a stock fence the plan was that he should be confined in the small pig pen that is fenced off by five bar gates. To do this the almost barn had to be sectioned off and the wall that was knocked down around Christmas restored. This was fairly straightforward, I found an old five bar gate and used one of the three foot field gates to halve the barn and a sheet of corrugated tin from when we demolished the old lean to to repair the wall. After half of the allotted time the pig pen was finished, a five bar gate high secure metal enclosure.

Thor was installed having been found trying to drag a ladder in (only he knows why) to solitary. Pam and Bridget did the squealing with delight thing again as the boar strutted his stuff around the pen.

I left them to it, confident that all would be well, Thor would know what to do.

I got on with the next dirty job, unblocking the drain, our septic tank was emptied earlier in the week but we were still under threat from aggressive number twos who were refusing to let water flow freely. Sometimes smallholding is such joy.

Finally after being rewarded by the sound of running water several hundred feet away I coiled up the plastic pipework that I had used to clear the blockage and put it away ready for next time. A successful day. Except for a large Mangalitza Boar chasing horses around the Corral OK. He can climb 5 bar gates as well as fences.

He is back in solitary.
Without the ladder.

Day 3 30 30 Lvl 14 Hill 12.6 km (Permission to Land, The Darkness)

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