Thursday, 15 March 2012

A willing victim

Vic and I set forth and travelled far too many miles again today. At one of my calls there was a delicious smell of home baking and what looked like an an accident in Mr Kipling factory across the numerous kitchen surfaces. The creator of the wonderful smell and culinary carnage waved a spatula at me and asked if I wanted to try a chocolate eclair. As the utensil waver was already a known quantity when it came to all things patisserie and was practicing her skills for a national competition I felt compelled to agree to be the latest guinea pig. A bowl with the most amazing chocolate/pastry/cream/praline creation was duly handed to me with the reassurance that it was totally calorie free. It was, without doubt, the best eclair I have ever eaten and who would have thought such a sweet treat was non fattening!

The logo at the top of the latest poster from Red Kite really means something!

Day 15 30 30 lvl 12 hill 10.8km (Ten Thousand Fists, Disturbed)

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