Monday, 1 June 2009

Pig club - the documentary

This clip was filmed yesterday and for once I sound like I know what I am talking about.

Tonight has been one of those pleasant evenings spent with friends watching them do your jobs. As The Stable Sprite is custodian of the bacon slicer we share I took over half of Patches pig in bags to be transformed into rashers. This is an essential exercise, first and foremost it stops me eating three pound of bacon in a buttie as I hack at Patches remains with a blunt knife.

We sat in the sunshine eating salad and quiche (real men have always eaten quiche) marvelling at the joys of smallholding and wishing we had been able to do it years ago. The Stable Sprite is a bit of a chef and salad was soon followed by home made profiteroles and chocolate sauce. Fantastic.

So after dinner on the sundrenched terrace it was down to work, the slicer was plugged in and pretty soon The Stable Sprite was piling up the rashers. I had the tricky task of making appreciative noises and distracting him from how long he was actually spending cutting up my bacon. By nightfall I had three carrier bags of potential bacon butties and he had a sore arm from working the machine.

It wasnt all plain sailing for me though, I did make a coffee for him, well its the least I could do.

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