Thursday, 25 June 2009

Going through changes

Trevor the pocket rocket, the horse tyrant of Rock HQ is going through some changes. Over winter he was a fluffy dark brown ball of temper. Spring saw him change to a shiny white miniature testosterone fuelled charger with black stockings, mane and tail. Summer is here and he is a stunning blue roan hue (a few white bits need to be shed still) with a full packet.

Yes our young horse has definitely acquired the where with all to further his genes and they dangle in an unfeasibly large purse. Given his over amorous nature before the arrival of the family jewels the discovery that our little pony is not so little now represents a health hazard to all concerned. So to prevent ruptures as he gets fresh with wheelbarrows, bales of hay and dozing Bernese Mountain Dogs he is going to be gelded. I don't envy the vet selected to enter the arena and do battle with him but once its done it should calm him down. Just a bit. Hopefully.
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