Saturday, 27 June 2009

Garden Frenzy

Because we sold Aggie and Annabel, two of our English Goats, to some friends of ours last night who, when they saw the state of the "garden", described it like Glastonbury festival after the fans had left, we decided to have a huge clear out, clear up and garden session at Rock HQ today.

Now cosmetic gardening is way down the list, much like housework, its only done when absolutely necessary, but when we surveyed the torn up newspapers, broken garden furniture, old tins, chewed flower pots, broken toys and glass alongside our vandalised plants and shrubs it was obvious the puppies and goats had been recreating battles of Genghis Khan and laying waste to our natural habitat's.

Several hours of pruning, lifting, shifting, litter picking and putting stuff away transformed the garden from a derelict bomb site to a garden of Eden. Well almost, only so much can be achieved in a morning.

The rest of the day has been spent entertaining, Jill came down with Stuart for lunch. Almost as soon as that was over Ben arrived back for the mother of all barbqs that included on the menu such savories as wild boar chops (donated by the goat purchasers, our friends the microholders) chicken drumsticks and a selection of home grown kebabs. All washed down with a moderate amount of alcohol. Its been a great day in the sunshine at Rock HQ, and now as the sun sets and I survey the garden I do wonder how its managed to transform back from a garden of Eden to a rock festival site again!

A smallholders work is never done!

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