Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lucky Man

Today we took the day off from Rock HQ and the rain and set off to go to Naomi and Richards wedding. I was lucky enough to be there with the the two best looking women (apart from the bride obviously) and here they are pictured above, Beth our lovely daughter, Naomi the beautiful bride and Tracey looking as beautiful and radiant as the day we met.

Below is a picture of the unique wedding cake, it tells a story, Richard is an Army Air Corp pilot and from the wreckage on the cake you can guess what he has done at least once.

All in all it was a fantastic day, I drew the short straw and drove, a big mistake given the unlimited Pimms, Champagne and other beverages on offer free, but as it is the day before The Great To Do it was probably just as well that I had to abstain.

We got back and changed out of our posh togs and returned to muddy smallholders, but for a while it was nice to be clean and tidy.
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