Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Offas Dyke Ordeal Day 1

We set off from Sedbury Cliffs by 10 am after various false starts due to bad weather, nerves and the need for caffeine. Once on our way we were in high spirits and soon realised as we wandered around various back gardens and alleyways of Chepstow that Offas was as good at plotting the route for a defensive system as MP's are at keeping track of expenses, it just didn't add up. Time and time again we found we were sent the long way round and so progress was slow. Very slow.
Eventually we broke out into the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean on into Monmouth. By now we were all pretty hungry so finding the only place open, a kebab shop stocked up on calories and pop. This may have been where I picked up a stomach upset that lasted the rest of the trip.

A few quick snaps for the album and we set off aiming to get another 17 miles done before bedtime. This proved a tad ambitious give the hours of daylight left but we managed another 11 before searching for a suitable campsite.

Campsites were few and far between but we located a spot at Llantillo Crossenny (or similar) and planted ourselves for the night. Beth and Tom arrived at 11pm with much needed spaghetti bolognaise and we made ourselves comfortable in our scratches until day two dawned all too quickly.

Day 1. Approx 30 miles. Pack load 41 pound. Start time 10.10 am finish time 22.30 pm

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