Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer fun

More gardening was on the agenda tonight when we got back from work, its looking a whole lot better since we started last Saturday. However once the pigs were extracted from their sty, the habit they have of barricading the door everyday is wearing thin, the horses were fed, the goats caught and put where they should be, the dogs exercised, fed and extracted from the pond, well the evening was nearly gone.
The garden despite the lack of attention s starting to produce fresh fruit (strawberries, currant and gooseberries), soon to be followed by veg. Again we went for low maintenance items such as spuds, onions, peas, broad beans and courgettes. The tomatoes are looking great in the greenhouse, this year might be the one where we get some that actually make it to the table before the slugs get them.
Another hot summer night deserved a barbq and so I obliged by cooking a spaghetti bolognaise on the barby (yes it can be done) while watching the sun set over the hills opposite. Perhaps more time would have been spent weeding the onions if we hadn't got so engrossed in the tennis, Murray versus Wawrinka. Weeding can be done anytime, tennis matches like this one are few and far between.
British summertime, best in the world.

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