Thursday, 18 June 2009

The show must go on

Its not been an easy 24 hours. Last night we got a call telling us that Derrek, Tracey's father, had only hours left. We joined the rest of her family at his bedside. The poor chap had no idea we were there. I stayed until four in the morning when I said my farewell and returned to Rock HQ.
It was daylight, the animals needed their TLC ration, and so the day began. I managed an hours sleep before work, we are putting on a stand at the Three Counties Show so there was no way I couldn't attend. Show set up ready for a three day recruiting campaign for foster carers.
Back at the ranch I sorted the critters and then Beth came over and sorted me put with a nice chile con carne.

Tracey is still at the hospital with her Dad.

The show must go on.
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