Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day One

Rain? Those of you that keep up to date with our exploits on talesfromtherock may recall that we have experienced heavy rain and very heavy rain at Rock HQ but that was nothing compared to dawn this morning - this was not mountain mist. Nevertheless our intrepid explorers, my wonderful husband, my brother Stuart and friends Sara and Jim were determined to start the epic To Do.

Car loaded, bacon butty consumed, we hit the road thinking that maybe a boat would have been a better idea. However, determined to keep spirits up, cries of "it's brighter over there" and "I'm, sure it's easing off" where shouted over the ABBA tunes emanating from the stereo. Stuart, however was able to avoid my taste in music and had enjoyed a very civilised morning, having breakfast at a B&B near Chepstow.

So, today is day one, and I have to say I am very proud of the quartet, undertaking this challenge in aid of a charity very close to my heart. Hopefully as I type this they will be enjoying a meal, kindly delivered by Beth and Tom, together with a well deserved Guinness.

Here a Rock HQ the animals, relieved to be undercover during the morning deluge, enjoy the evening sunshine.

We would like to thank so may of you for your best wishes and good luck messages and today would like to thank the following for their sponsorship.

Will Holden
Mark Whishaw
Matt Pritchard
Jan Cousins
Adrian and Annie Newton
Adrian Vine
Tim Foulger
Andy Griffiths
Lisa Whitehouse
Dale Rouse
Martin and Jenny Smith
Ross Varley
Agnes King
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