Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sore point

This is Apollo who has an itch that can only be reached by destroying the magnolia tree.

We have been let down by technology this weekend, none of the videos taken have uploaded except this one taken nearly a week ago. The tree has been radically pruned since his attention.

He has been expelled from the garden since its makeover having done a marvelous job in lieu of lawnmower. The downside being that he owes Tracey another vase and some flowers after he wandered into the sitting room and helped himself to her cut roses.

On the subject of roses there have been two disasters today. I carefully strimmed through an ornamental rose bush hidden by some long grass, a feat only beaten by Geisha our Anglo Nubian who had obviously overheard me extolling the virtues of the final remaining rose bush with its mass of fragrant pink blooms and which now resembles a collection of autumn twigs as the green and flowery bits proved to be a fine goat snack.

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