Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Penultimate Day

The finish is in sight and the intrepid walkers grow more determined with each step. Whether it's the call of the sea or the promise of an alternative watery mixture, I'm sure they will never again be so pleased to hit the beach. Especially knowing that a Rock Cottage breakfast and 48 hours rest awaits.

We have been overwhelmed by the support shown to the walk and below are just a few of the people who have sponsored Tony.

Ben Collier
Teme Vets
Elizabeth Vine
Craig Hudson
Paul Dunning
Barbara Hall
Carol Smith
Richard Spencer and family
Alison Enmarch and family
Tom Williams
Howard Bethell
Rob, Jane and Lucy Williams
Lesley and Philip Richards
Mark Andrew Poots

Rocky and Reba will be so pleased to see Tony back, as will I, as they have felt the need to stay close to me all week. By close I mean demonstrating the connectivity of a limpet! Most of the time this is lovely and one of the best things about Bernese Mountain Dogs is their attentiveness, with them wanting to share every waking (and sleeping) moment with their owners. Unfortunately though having two huge berners attached to your side and two little ones around your ankles proves to challenge the balance of an ice dancer especially when manoeuvring hot pans around the kitchen or rushing for the phone. Would I change them - not one bit. And as we haven't had a cute puppy picture for a while. Here's one we made earlier.
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