Monday, 8 June 2009

And then there were two

Rock HQ at 6.30am is beautiful, even when dark clouds circle menacingly overhead. I never fail to feel blessed living here but I've had a good nights sleep. Those who received three hours max in a windblown tent somewhere near Monmouth may not have agreed with me. Committed as ever though they polished off 9 miles before breakfast and as I speak Stuart and Tony have reached Rock HQ for a well deserved bath, dinner and sleep after 33 miles out in the mountains. What of Sara and Jim I hear you ask? Unfortunately the great To Do has claimed it's first two victims and Sara and Jim bowed out today. Congratulations to them both for what is certainly a great achievement and best wishes to Tony and Stu as they embark on day three.

Our thanks go to the following people for their sponsorship today

Julian Parker
Stuart Fletcher
Tracey Taylor
JJ & Kay
Irene Kew
Nick Denny
Kris Hadman
Beth Collier
Leigh Courbould
Faye Saunders
Matt Burton
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