Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pocket Rocket in flight

Trevor spent a happy five minutes racing around tonight keeping us all entertained!

The sunshine continues giving us all new challenges, like getting last years shorts to fit or getting the goats to sit in the shade rather than cook in a sunbeam.

I did intend to get another training walk in tonight as The Great To Do is perilously close, but events overtook me and once I had dismantled the barricade constructed by the piglets (who obviously know I am the bacon butties number one fan so they have constructed a two foot deep barrier that prevents access to their sty) watered the garden and horses (very different techniques used here) fetched the goats, rounded up a wandering beagle who set off across the fields on a mission, got lost, panicked and ran in the opposite direction, it left very little time to entertain Mad Keith who appeared on the track with his bicycle and demijohn.

Seems like the weather has dried up his spring, or rather reduced the flow to such a level that its not fit to drink without boiling. Given the amount of wildlife and vegetation that's suspended in it when its at full flow I would consider it sensible not to drink it full stop but he has survived 45 odd years (some very odd) so it cant be too bad. Or hes immune.

Anyway, glass of squash, conversation about how hot it was, second glass of squash, more tales of how its hot, or too cold, never just right he set off with his eight pints of Rock HQ spring water.

By now any hope of exercise had faded along with the daylight so Tracey and I finished the rounds, got the kids inside and had a bacon omelet, all our own work.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early and definitely exercise before anything distracts me.

Chances of that happening?

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