Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Great To Do day 4

On the way back to Newcastle for day 4 we reflected on our encounter with the locals. We had also met a pair of walkers who had stayed at the same campsite in Llantillo Crossnenny. Apparently someone called Doris is on site but has poorly lags so sits in a rocker similar to Mrs Bates watching the passers by. If there was a red car on the site it belonged to Doris. Poor Doris must have watched us leave, if only she could have reached her campsite fees. Bless.
Anyway day fours start was up a massive big hill through ferns, nettles and all sorts of wonderful plants designed to sting, trip and otherwise delay weary legs. By now the tummy bug had claimed me so they provided useful cover as I had to attend the call of nature every five miles or so.
We were glad we had stopped at Newcastle simply because it meant we avoided the ascents and descents in and around Churchstone for 12 hours, a very interesting church with, well a massive stone in it, taken apparently from a place called Mainstone. Imaginative folks round these parts.

The countryside was simply breathtaking and had I not been keen on getting 30 miles under my belt, or even more keen on getting my belt undone every hour to avoid accidents I would have appreciated it more. Still, as I said to Stu, despite the pain from walking and stomach bug at least the weather was being kind to us. Fate must have been bored with our happy progress so did a deal with his mates Storm and Tempest for no sooner had the words left my lips than thunder roared, rain fell, and then fell heavier. We plodded on, past Montgomery in monsoon like deluge, ha I thought, is this it, is this all you have, I've had worse in the Alps. Then it hailed. I kept my thoughts to myself.
And so we made it to Buttington where a kindly soul promised us a barbque and a few pints. Through the rain I could just about see my watch, half four, two and a half hours til opening time and not the weather for standing around eating burgers. We headed off along the canal both of us thought we would be drier in the canal rather than the towpath. The last ten miles of the day were miserable, a new problem developed for me, chaffing of the thighs from the wet trousers. Still it took my mind off the blisters. Finally just by Llangamatoc or similar we found a pub, with a kind landlord who didn't mind two very drowned tired rats stinking up his bar.

Two pints later I was smiling like a Cheshire cat.
Day Four 30 plus miles Newcastle, Churchstone, Kerry Ridge, Montgomery, Welshpool, Buttington, Welshpool, Buttington, Welshpool (lost in a business park Offa had'nt counted on) Montgomery canal and beyond to death and glory, er pub. Pack weight 24 pound, calories consumed 0

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