Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Rock HQ is so quiet! I'm not saying my husband is loud but the place seems very empty without him. In the past when one of us is away or we're short of time the animals joyfully conspire against us to see just how flustered we can get. I am amazed (and probably foolish as I am not normally one to tempt fate) but the past few days the animals have all been behaving themselves. No muddy paw welcomes from the dogs and no nibbles from Trevor, who i'm sure does it just to see how high you can jump and believe me, bitten in the right place I can certainly jump. The goats sedately came down off the hill, instead of the usual dragging ones owner as fast as they possibly can with me in the position of a downhill skier, clinging onto their ropes praying for a safe return. They have all been great, apart from Reba. Now she has been a perfect mum but unfortunately is now trying to relive her youth. Her party tricks include leaving my new shoes in the middle of the lawn - in the rain; sneaking food off the table and today shredding a cushion so finely that our living room resembled a winter wonderland. The puppies, sensing my frustration at this, hid under the desk not wanting to be implicated. Reba however, not as bright as her offspring, tried to deny all knowledge by sitting on the sofa with a mouthful of feathers.

As we speak, Tony and Stuart are nearing their destination for the fourth night. A tough day of 30+ miles, failing feet and limbs that have gone past the point of aching, leaves them exhausted but definitely nearer their final destination. The eta is late on Friday night so god willing and blisters behaving Rock HQ should be back to normal Saturday morning.

Thank you to the following people for their support

Jill and Derrick Smith
Steve & Carol Barnes and family
Mel, Danny and Abi Herbert
Sue Griffiths
Holly Cook
Joyce Brand
Kay, Tim & Matthew Holt
Mandy and Ian Cook
Paul Sheffield and family
Robin Hooper
Maggie and Rob Burton
Sam Clements and family
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