Sunday, 31 May 2009

On Guard

Another superb sunny day causing a new problem for us as smallholders, sunburn! We started off well getting a lot done, dagging the sheep (cleaning their bottoms) was the fun job of the day, that coupled with cleaning out all the animals it was a hot and dirty morning. But as the morning turned to afternoon it got hotter and the jobs got less appealing (there are less appealing jobs than cleaning sheeps bottoms believe me, horse hygiene is near the top of the list again!) so we took refuge in the garden and had an impromptu bar b que which lasted until early evening. We had visitors, Paul and Barbera who had a brief tour, Beth brought our washing back (the washing machine died yesterday after years of abuse) and I went round to see Mad Keith taking him a chicken dinner.

Rocky made sure that the goats were safe in the cauldron, he kept his cool by sitting in the stream.

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