Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunny Sunday

The sun shone on Rock HQ again and we allowed ourselves to be diverted by the true meaning of Easter and so set out to deliver chocolate eggs to family. Tristan stole the show, hardly a surprise, and being too young to eat chocolate donated his to the "pool".
The Berners helped with some more BBMC training, not by leading the way, or carrying a rucksack, no they helped by getting under foot and clipping my heels sending me sprawling in the dirt. Again.

The major task of the day was to convert the "pond" on the sun terrace to a herb garden. This great idea, I claim solely as mine despite evidence to the contrary, involved shifting the pile of builders rubble from the "lawn" (centre of pic) to fill the what would have been a pond space.

This went well, a bit of a man test, luckily there refreshments on hand as shifting a ton of concrete in the blazing sunshine was a bit of a man test for the bionic arm which has been playing up recently, the space age mecanno is stinging a bit but held out long enough to finish the job today and lift an ice cold beer in celebration.The contents of all the old pots, growbags and containers were then emptied on the rubble and jumped up and down on to pack it down. Tomorrow we are heading off to the garden centre to get some fresh compost and a selection of herbs. Hopefully there will be enough time to plant them, paint and hang the gates and shoot a goat as a warning to the rest of the herbivores that this is a designated no go area.

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