Friday, 15 April 2011

And pigs might fly!

Hetty got bored today and jumped the fence into the garden causing mayhem and giving me another man test. Its been an exciting day here on the Bonsai Mountain without having to avoid close encounters with deranged cows. For some reason the police were watching the hills from a police chopper, it circled the hill, went along the ridge, back to hovering around Rock HQ and this continued for around an hour. Unfortunately they did this while I was in town being Agnesed (the tiny osteopath with super powers) having my spine put back in some sort of functional order, so I was unaware of the flying pigs over Rock HQ. I only found out when I texted not Steve to thank him for the bagels and order some more. Not Steve assured me that more bagels would be sent over, by the way why was a police helicopter trying to use the heli pad at Rock HQ. With this curious event in mind I took the Berners for a stroll wondering why so much time and resources had been invested by the boys in blue over our smallholding. Probably nothing to do with the young man halfway up a tree using a mobile phone in the small copse on our perimeter.

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