Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Perfect timing

I have to leave Rock HQ for paid work at around 06.30. On the early rounds this morning Easter was looking like she was going to finally deliver trainee lamb chops at 06.03
I fed the pigs, Hetty, the ponies and the hens( at the run) and returned at 06.15
It was definite, she was giving birth, 06.16 back in cottage call to Tracey my beautiful and oh so patient wife to come and see, collect camera.

06.18 out pops a very healthy lamb. 46 seconds later out pops the second. All going well, both boys, so destined for the food chain. 06.22 back in cottage cup of tea, quick shower and shave. 06.27 search for right shoe hidden by Bernese Mountain Dog (for more dramas caused by Berners click on dog blog button on right in margin)06.28 start car. 06.29 back in cottage get phone kiss wife and Tristan goodbye. 06.30 back on the road again. 07.55 at desk fall asleep.

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