Monday, 25 April 2011

Manic Monday

Another scorching day at Rock HQ, no rain means no grass, on the plus side we have no mud, but the unseasonal weather is causing a few problems for the critters.

Roxy, above, who nearly died a few weeks back while lambing is now suffering from sunburn, he wool is falling off in clumps and the skin beneath is unprotected and burning. The pigs are also getting a bit pink underneath the black hairs, they are busy creating their own mud pack sun screen by tipping over their water and wallowing. Happy as pigs in ... as the phrase goes.

The herb garden is finished. And planted with a nice selection of kitchen essentials, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, basil and coriander to name a few. The gates are not hung, a mistake on my part, rare that they are, meant that the "paint" was not very effective, the white paint had about as much capacity to turn the wood white as a coating of milk. A new less transparent paint will be purchased tomorrow.

The battle to keep the herb garden goat free has already started, which was why I could be found face down in a nettle patch by the pig pen, having taken the chase goat while waving a stick at it in a threatening manner and in doing so fail to see shiny blue water pipe waiting to trip you option over the far simpler load gun and create curry ingredients option. After limping back to the cottage for an ice pack it did nothing to ease my sense of humour failure to see that said goat saw this as an opportunity to resume its foray into the garden.

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