Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Litter Louts

In between all the jobs, looking after Tristan, developing a foster agency (which has really started to take off, see link in margin) and paid work, I am out on the Bonsai Mountain training for the BBMC. This has taken on a bit more urgency as my erstwhile walking buddy has pulled the eject handle and wont be joining the fun day. Instead my reserve team member has stepped into the breach and now I find that I am doing the challenge with an uber fit infantry officer 22 years my junior who is already talking of doing the whole 30 miles across the mountains in under 8.5 hours. I was thinking of timing myself with a calendar this year, my fastest time has been just a shade under 8 hours, but I was four stone lighter and 15 years younger. Lucky for me my back yard has a certain challenge to it, the angle of the pic above shows the slope of North Face Gully. While Bonsai Mountain isn't a real mountain, its well under the required 600 metres, 200 metres of a slope like this does raise the pulse somewhat.

The pic above shows WooZah looking toward Fiveways Crossing whereas Montana is stood next to a new addition to the landscape. The stone cairn must have taken some constructing, and its covering a couple of plastic bags, a sandwich wrapper and two 2 litre empty pop bottles. Presumably whoever it was that left this mess carried the contents of the packaging up the hill for a picnic, but felt incapable of carrying the lighter empties back. The energy expended trying to bury the offending articles must have been more than carrying it away to be disposed of.

Or perhaps they thought it was a time capsule, in a thousand years a keen amateur archaeologist will uncover the secrets of their prawn wholemeal and thousand island dressing, or maybe its an offering to the small gods of Bonsai Mountain, or a signal to a alien race who scour the universe for discarded packaging, or maybe they were just lazy gits who deserve a kick in the farmers. (Somewhere that gives them two little acres)

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