Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What can I say?

What can I tell you about this door. It's not a portal to another dimension, although The Black Hole is on the other side. It took nearly all day to make (six hours longer than I had planned!) opens and shuts as it should, is a nice colour and unlike the floor it hangs over, the door is level. (see dark line under door step, that's the difference in height one side to the other) Tomorrow I hope to put the ceiling up, which is level, and rpelace some lights without attaching myself to the national grid.

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Andy_in_Germany said...

Looks very professional. Have you got some construction photos? I'm hoping to do something like that soon.

By the way, having built all kinds of fitted furniture in various buildings, I've discovered that it is rare for a floor to be level. Doors here are supplied over length so we can cut them to the right shape.