Saturday, 28 December 2013

Variations on a theme

The day has been spent in various ways, critter care, child care, visiting family and friends, eating far too much and playing games. Traditional family games are a sure fire hit at Rock HQ, my beautiful and oh so patient wife is not a real fan of games at the best of times so alcohol inspired charades is a dead cert to get "the look". Her annoyance or games once led to me being painted magnolia when I wouldn't explain the rules of "Erm.... Venezuela" to which her response of "I'm not playing any more" led to the liberal application of paint by roller (we were decorating at the time)
So today's games have been modern versions of old classics, probably my favourite today was "Find the mobile phone" (hunt the thimble) a game where toddler places aunty's mobile phone safely inside an item of furniture and then gives unhelpful clues to adults seeking communication device. I did have a hilarious photo of this but so successful and entertaining was this game that the apprentice has enhanced the fun by using the camera as the thimble. Such fun!

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Andy_in_Germany said...

One of the fantastic things about living in Germany is that party games are not an essential part of any family gathering/party/social event.

Instead, people sit down and spend time together talking, and often eating and drinking.

Mind you, the drinking part may explain he lack of games because Germans tend to become best friends after only a couple of beers.