Thursday, 5 December 2013


 This little chap has already decided to make a break for freedom by squeezing through the bars of the gate to the pig pen. Pulses were raised when he shot past at mach 5 followed by several Berners at Mach 4.9 who were keen to have pork for dinner. I don't know what it is about piglets but they must exude some chemical that makes dogs chase them. Ours go nuts if there is a piglet about.
Lucky for everyone yours truly was on hand to save the day and unable to match the quadrupeds at speed I totally outclassed them in brain and headed them off at the pass executing an amazing (yes I am boasting) one handed in the dark catch and lifted squealing piggy (the noise nearly made me drop him, imagine a washing machine full of cats on fast spin, its that sort of noise but much louder) to safety and photo opportunity.

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Jeremy Fisher said...

Either things must have got a whole lot less muddy at Rock HQ or you've embellished the story a little as said piglet looks far too clean to have done a runner very far before capture?!!
Anywhere we go here at present with anything with four legs almost immediately turns them into a mud monster!