Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas...who ate all the pies!

 Christmas morn....suitable weather on the high ground surrounding HQ
 Little t finding that a big fat pie eater has visited, but left packages in exchange for the two mince pies and small alcoholic beverage left out. Rudolf only took a few bites of carrot, he had probably had his five a day already.
 Guessing this isn't a CD.
 Small child delighted at contents of large package, then spoils it by asking if it will fit through door (see yesterdays posting)
 Older child surprised at content of gift card.
 Smallest child not impressed at festive outfit.
 Large dog amongst the explosion in the wrapping factory.
And all would have been an ideal Christmas day save for this plonker. No Christmas tale at HQ could be complete without a small animal drama and so it began when yours truly felt the need to miss Christmas Specials TV and head out on the bonsai Mountain with 8 Berners to walk of excessive calorific intake.
At farthest point of walk found naughty boys, the two escapees, Will.I.Am and pretty boy Apollo. Apollo gave it the thank God you found me routine and allowed himself to be walked slowly back. Will.I.Am gave it the I don't know who you are routine and stayed a distance away whinnying for support. 8 Berners rallied around yours truly and all 10 of us walked slowly back to HQ.
Knowing the difficultly faced ahead I phoned and asked beautiful and oh so patient wife to meet me outside to manage gates etc and so we all met in The Cauldron, 100 yards from safety, just in range of the AA lights and it all went rats. Pretty boy accidentally stepped on smallest Berner, Tasha, who in the darkness thought that a Troll had found her and she ran away. But as it was dark this was not noticed until we were all under the glare of the AA lights when the Berner deficit was obvious.
No amount of searching, name calling, falling over in the dark and swearing found the frightened puppy and eventually at 1 am we had leave her to it until daybreak.

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