Sunday, 8 December 2013

Going cheap

 Stuck for ideas re Christmas that do not involve Lego, Airfix, Scalextric or Heavy Metal CD's, I was searching for the right gift for my beautiful and oh so patient wife when I happened upon this dove cote. Thinking this would be ideal I took a closer look only to find it was a penny short of 400 quid.
Its hefty price tag is probably down to the fact that its made from the finest 12mm plywood. Takes a real craftsman (or woman) to machine cut these parts and screw them together. Despite it being an absolute bargain I had to walk away and go back to the model shop, there must be an Airfix model for girls somewhere.

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Andy_in_Germany said...

It's not even a bespoke piece like we make every day. I need to show my boss this: we're making the wrong kind of furniture, or we aren't charging enough...