Sunday, 25 November 2012

Water torture

 After a wild night weather wise it was a bit of a shock to find blue skies and white icing over Rock HQ. At four in the morning the rain was hammering the cottage roof hard enough to wake yours truly so the sudden drop in temperature was most unexpected, as was this, a baby river, running through the yard
 I was on a  mission today, to drop off a pig jigsaw to a pig club fan and fetch essential DIY materials back to HQ. From the start the signs were that this was going to be an interesting journey.
 Two villages downhill saw the conditions more suited to boats rather  than Miranda who's off road capability does not extend to floats. A slight detour was needed.
 Which took us here, to some very unhappy motorists who had not heeded the advice given by the AA, stay at home and don't take your car swimming.
 Further on things did not improve.
And then the rain started. Again. Cheering us all up as its been so dry this year. Had this been on the outward bound journey I might have aborted the mission and headed to high ground but in a spectacular act of dullness I put my phone on the spare wheel of Miranda, thinking to self that's a dull place to put a phone, and then began the epic cross country trek.
At first flood thought ah, must take a picture, oops.
Check rear view mirror, spare wheel deficit phone.
No way of alerting those expecting a meaty puzzle that I was marooned, and more importantly no way of recording epic trek for posterity, I pressed on. At pig club rendezvous I parked up and in a moment of sheer inspiration (or wild optimism) I checked wheel carrier on the just in case principle. There hanging on for dear life was my little Nokia and drivers were treated to the sight of yours truly gurning by the roadside as he tried to force his hand through a hole more suited to a shrew to retrieve precious communication device. Once circulation had returned to end of limb I managed to deliver pork based product and then made my way via a local DIY store to HQ. Mission success. And I didnt even get my feet wet!

Day 25 30 30 lvl 8 flatliner 12km An eclectic mix of random tunes ranging from the massed bands of the guards to motorhead.

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