Thursday, 1 November 2012

Remember remember....

..the 1st of Movember. Yes, yours truly has decided to join the host of other men trying to coax a hairy caterpillar to lodge on his top lip to raise money for Cancer charities. Day one and it is not that impressive, as long as I remember I am doing this and don't go on auto pilot and shave it off I might get a passable moustache by the end of the month. It will be removed 1st December without fail.

Little Misty has cottoned on to the idea that an empty stall might be the place to stay in adverse weather. She might grow into it.

2nd challenge for Movember is a new 30 30. This is in addition to any other "training".

Day 1 30 30 Lvl 18 Hill sprint 15.3km Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists.

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