Friday, 16 November 2012


 Say Cheese
Erm....the computers broke....

Sausages seem to be the order of the day for a few families, some pig club fans  have had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sent me text messages and pic messages of their pan fried pork products along with comments like oh my god what a taste sensation. Did I join in this celebration of the banger?
 Not me chef, I got behind chasing, or was I behind, chasing, anyway whatever, I got so behind chasing two live pigs up and down the smallholding that I missed breakfast, got so wrapped up in work that lunch was a handful of dolly mixtures and a piece of lemon pancotta (not sure if that's right but it was a nice lemon cake donated along with a life saving cuppa) until end of play saw me head back up the track, close the gate to the world and tuck into my supper which was a ham sandwich. Tomorrow I get stuck in to my share of the sausages. Thanks Rosie.

Day 16 30 30 lvl 12 hill training 10.3 km Isles of Wonder music from the Olympics.

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