Friday, 9 November 2012

Bucket not included

Vic is on the market for a new home, one careful owner, then me, low mileage compared to Voyager II, bargain but the buckets not included.
Its been a mad week, my beautiful and oh so patient wife is getting better so thanks to everyone who has sent messages, flowers and chocs. Little t really enjoyed the chocs. Tomorrow the other two members of team GB go to their forever homes and then peace will descend on Rock HQ once more. Tranquillity will reign and we will get some time to concentrate on the jobs list. Progress will be made. Logs will be stored. Fences repaired. Drains dug. Gates hung. Water tanks re sited. Raised beds raised. Life will be plain sailing once more. Pigs will also fly, Nick Clegg will regain his popularity and Father Christmas will be found with Glenn Miller in a recording studio.

Day 9 30 30 lvl 12 cycle cross 14.5km Mike Oldfield Elements

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