Sunday, 4 November 2012

Braking news

Some may have noticed in the margin a list of blogs that are noteworthy and interesting, Andy's life with a bike is one, not sure how I happened across this chaps antics but he has been a helpful guide at times, sending emails advising on what and what not to do on two wheels. So when he read of my bodge on R100 above and the wheel brake episode he rather helpfully sent some pics of brakes with a lever on, apparently designed to be levered when errrrm levering a wheel out. This opens the brakes and so you don't have to deflate the tyre. Brilliant. Except R100 is old school and made from girders so no such luck in the lever front. However as I was slogging my guts out on day 4 of the latest 30 30 challenge my eye happened on R100 and R200 sat watching me busy going nowhere on the life cycle. R200 has an arcane looking lever on the brakes. One which I would lever have thought of operating as there is no label saying do not press. So thanks again Andy, I have learned something new. Again. I note he chose not to comment on my use of the back of an axe to adjust the saddle height though.

Day 4 30 30 lvl 15 Cycle Cross 16km Pearl Jam Ten

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