Friday, 23 November 2012

Pork Tsunami

I was talking to another smallholder at lunchtime who, like me, had spent part of yesterday evening slip sliding away in knee deep mud and horizontal rain carrying rations to critters and all the time wondering why. What were we doing with our lives and where was our nice clean central heated town house? I was glad to find it wasn't only me that harboured such dark thoughts and then found that in the morning sunshine they disappeared. Unlike the trillion gallons of water that feel from the sky. That's currently cascading down the Bonsai Mountain and while the problems it causes here pale into insignificance compared to the news reports of lost lives, land slides and daring rescues, our pigs are pretty upset that a drain they blocked diverted a raging torrent into their stalls. By the time I arrived with breakfast parts of the pig pen was already 1 foot underwater and the tidal wave of pork and water that I created by opening the door was a sight to behold. Nothing could be done to remedy the situation until end of play today when yours truly spent another couple of hours unblocking drain, digging new ditch and straining pork from fast flowing stream.

Day 23 30 30 lvl 16 hill training 14.4 km Ramstein Mutter

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