Monday, 14 May 2012

Yesterday revisted or Victory is Mine!

 A day behind but hey theres too much going on to keep up. So yesterday after a bucketful of Extras, that line only makes sense if you read today's entry which I hope to have time to do after this, I got on with the major project of rehousing the cage birds and quail that currently inhabit the conservatory by building them a palatial aviary.
 This was a pleasing chore, the sun was shining, I had a multi choice of heavy metal and most of the time I had Preston, our very ancient beagle, now 20 years old, to keep me company. Not that he did much, apart from sleep and present an interesting trip hazard.
 Despite him work progressed to a stage where the end is in sight, three sides almost done and hardly a right angle in the whole building.
When not measuring, sawing, screwing (oooh Matron!) or tripping over sleeping dogs I had let lie, I was gardening. Now until very recently gardening of any sort was a doomed enterprise. The arrival of anything fresh and green on the smallholding always led to an outbreak of goat. I was at the point of surrender, the goat proof fence (visible from space) was excellent in every way except in one key area, and the war continued. Now problem with goat is they have all year to get into the garden, you have to spend all year keeping them out, you only have to fail once, they have only to succeed once and you have no garden, greenhouses or bark on trees. The war is over, the "garden" has been reclaimed and my foe vanquished. A new order has been established, one where Ambrose is now well liked, as various stews, pates and roasts while Kid is curry. Maisey and Kayleigh know better than to go outdoors, the sky falls in. The futures a lot greener with agoraphobic goats.

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