Thursday, 17 May 2012

Crying over spilt milk

This is a very happy cat, well fed, full to the brim of milk. Now Nemo isn't known for his exertion, being found face down asleep in a sack of cat food was one memorable event, another time he proudly carried in a large mouse as an offering for his humans. The fact that it was in a mouse trap was neither here nor there and we have never got to the bottom of how he caught a squirrel, the hapless rodent must have had a heart attack and fell on the fat ginger tom is the only credible explanation. Well this moggy has found another way to increase his calorie intake without flexing too much muscle, he has started to rob the lambs on the helipad. Izzy and Jason are lucky enough to have a self service point in their pen, a bucket of milk with teats so the hungry lambs can fill up as and when. Nemo here has also found this useful calorie source and spends almost as much time lapping milk as he does sleeping.
I too had a close encounter with milk this evening when, for some reason known only to the part of my brain that doesn't think (most of it) I was looking into the jug of fresh milk just drawn from Kayleigh (Marillion playing in the background obviously) rather than moving away from emptied goat. This moment of inactivity on my part meant that when Kayleigh turned in a oh you have finished type way her head connected with jug which thanks to the inevitable laws of cause and effect, emptied over yours truly.

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