Friday, 4 May 2012

Brains of a rocking horse

The cheesy grin belongs to Maisey who got herself the wrong side (non food side) of a bale holder for the best part of the day meaning a deficit in milk and an even bigger than usual appetite. There was a clue that all was not well, Anglo Nubian's are fairly quiet beasts who mew rather than bleat. When she has a mind to she has a mew like a werewolf being castrated with blunt shears, she hardly pauses for breath and keeps going until assistance is summonsed. Like Wednesday morning when there was the sound of murders being committed her end of the small holding. Fearing some loathsome beast had got into the goat shed and was molesting the most productive members of the smallholding I raced (ambled quickly) to their assistance. Both Kayleigh and Maisey were cowering in the corner behind Kurry, who being male and expendable was being shoved towards the threat by his mother and aunt. The threat? The door had blown open allowing too much sky in. ANDQ!

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