Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bunny and Wooly

 Here are two of our lambs, Bunny belonging to Ferny Fern Fern from Ferntown and Wooly dropped by Bonny. Bunny is now our biggest lamb, he looks massive compared to Wooly as they play on the planks discarded by Spotty. We have been rounding up his treasured wood toys, one dog can have too many planks.
 Just off camera is Mindy, she was our biggest lamb, a lively Ryeland like her mother Daffodil. But the colder weather the last few days and the return to warmer temperatures caused a bacteria sheep have in their respiratory system to activate and so our extremely large healthy lamb died of septicaemia within hours.
In fact by the time I took these pics and picked up the stricken lamb to take back to HQ she died after a couple of steps. Daffodil has been up and down the lane all day looking for her, even stopping off to "talk" to all of the militia's lambs on the border.


Anonymous said...

Poor thing, I am sorry to hear that Daffodil lost her lamb. Do you think she might adopt the lamb that Roxie con't take care off? Or is it too late for that ?
And how it's coming with getting Trevor gelded, or have you thought of maybe getting another shetland mare to try and breed him too ?
I know Misty in a few years will make a good little first pony for your son.

Tony said...

Hi Kit

Its too late for Jason and Izzy, they are living the life of Riley on the helipad.
Trevor's days as a stallion are numbered, a week on Thursday he is going to lose his jewels, poor lad. Your right Misty will make a good pony for little t :)
Where are you from Kit? TCx3 :)

Anonymous said...

I live on the Southern east coast of the USA about four hours from Washinton DC in VA. Glad to hear that you are keeping Misty, and though she can't be a mother, she can be a good riding pony for little T. Hopelly Trevor wil also settle down and won't end up being shot by the military for harassing their ponies. Though if any of the broody ponies were in heat you might end up with a owner coming down the road next year asking for foal support.
PS I hope my idea of a pack pig or goat wasn't too out their for your. Acourse in your hiking, you might have come across a packing goat before.