Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tasty tasty very very tasty!

 Here at Rock HQ aka Pig World (for the time being thanks to a very energetic and enthusiastic if somewhat secretive boar!) we are awash with trainee bacon and sausages. Rosie, one of the three little pigs who should have been various flavours of tube shaped meat products a while back, has blotted her copybook by eating our seed potatoes, also a rare breed being purple ones with a fancy name and hefty price tag. The pig club Berkalitzas are growing massive and looking extremely cute/tasty. Piggles six Osbalitzas are go faster versions all having racing stripes.
We had a leg of Mangalitza pork for Sunday roast and it was fantastic, probably the best pork ever. I was told it was a fatty meat, far from it, it was lean, darker (it was so tasty that I have had it in sandwiches every day since Sunday!)and very tasty so I am looking forward to trying out the x breeds. Preston our very ancient beagle also liked leg of Mangalitza having stolen a leg (yes whole leg) off the windowsill Saturday night as it defrosted.
Meanwhile the Mangalitzas are enjoying the sunshine and looking decidedly pregnant.

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spiderlover said...

yay - streaky bacon!