Saturday, 19 May 2012

Take the high road and from small acorns...

 I decided against pedal power today and took the high road in to work.
 Now along the trail I meet the Whetstone, we say hello, its always best to be polite to sacred/ritualistic sites.
 Now its not been that long since I have passed through but there are new traffic signs
 which are very informative once you work out how to use them. The key facts of the whetstone are given to the uninitiated. The one about the Devil is missing. Perhaps they have decided its not for the squeamish.
 As for rare fairy shrimps our horse drink these up by the buckketload!
 Its all very picturesque and a pleasant change from the road.
 Local architecture adds to the spectacle.
Work went well, and tonight the first of many fund raising events was held at a local hostelry, it was amazing how many of the local businesses came out and supported Red Kites Trust Fund through donations and prizes for the raffle. A local band, The Sunday Runaways played a fantastic set and several hundred pounds was raised. Its a start. From small acorns and all that!

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