Saturday, 10 December 2011

Playing by the rules

We play by the rules at Rock HQ, that's why we prosper. So when we started life on the smallholding, alongside the smallholders rules, rules like shut the gate and animals can always get through holes half their body size, we created some hard and fast rules that are designed to ensure things always run smoothly, that nothing gets out of hand. One of those rules, created day one, October 2006 was that we would never have a horse. Animals had to be useful, small and manageable. Not great big cash eating monsters who contribute nothing save for a mountain of number twos everyday.

And I am happy to say that this is a rule we have religiously stuck to. Here at Rock HQ you will find nothing the least bit horse shaped, no giant vegetarian quadrupeds roam consuming vast quantities of food and depositing massive piles of steaming do do that need clearing up.

You wont find any purpose built buildings with electric lights, piped music (prog rock) or radio 4, dependent on the time of day, with automatic water bowls, metal hay racks and assorted horse licks. There simply is no need for a concrete runway laid by hand over a period of 7 weekends for the guzzling hoofed animals to wander over between half ton bales of hay in comfort.

And no matter how hard you look there is no tack room with assorted saddles, horse rugs and an unbelievable amount of assorted horsey nik naks. In fact Rock HQ is the most horse free zone I know. If you don't believe me ask these two, they'll tell you. They cant see one either!

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Jeremy Fisher said...

I wish I had one of those little emoticon(?) things of a man lying on his back, laughing manically!!
I rest my case!