Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lets go fly a kite

Its been a day of extremes, 165 mph winds across Scotland, pretty similar here at HQ, the slates blew off the chicken house, rain has been horizontal most of the day and all of sound mind sought sanctuary where they could. Yours truly had to brave the elements twice, morning and afternoon routines have to be done whatever the weather. The new hayledge arrived in the teeth of the storm meaning a wrestling competition with the black plastic wrapper that threatened to carry me to another county. Sensible people might have left unwrapping it until the storm subsided but as the majority of critters were undercover and refusing to come to the feed ring then the calories had to be carried to them.
It was amazing weather for kite flying, and a Red Kite did pay a visit on the off chance we had forgotten what clever, successful birds they are.


Anonymous said...

Noreasters are the chits. We get them pretty bad in winter in the Southern USA too. Glad to hear you came out okay and I hope Rocky feels better soon.

Andy in Germany said...

If you were picked up by the wind and blown across the hill, could you later tell people you'd been as 'high as a kite'?

It's late...